Why We Are Attending Biocom’s Global Life Science Partnering Conference

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This week, the Lodge at Torrey Pines will host conversation among luminaries who share the common interest of making advancements in the life sciences arena. As an enterprise mobile technology company with a solution for clinical trials, we look forward to attending Biocom’s Global Life Science Partnering Conference and are especially excited for the following reasons.

The Rapidly Growing Life Sciences Community

Now that Biocom is in its 5th year, the conference is attracting the attention of larger pharmaceutical companies that haven’t yet participated. Interest has reached as far as Japan, where pharma companies are in need of partnerships and have begun looking to the United States.

Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes will meet and collaborate with biotech companies. Digital health companies will also have the opportunity to lean in and share thoughts on accelerating the success of the life sciences community. We look forward to getting the conversation going!

First Dedicated Panel to Digital Health

This year is actually the first year that Biocom will include panel discussions in digital health. An increased mentality that digital and connected health will lead to personalized and precision medicine is sparking conversation of late. In fact, just about every large pharma company has an ongoing digital health effort. We look forward to discussing digital health’s potential impact on prescription drugs, product development, and clinical trials.

One-On-One Meetings

The Parallel 6 team will be in attendance, holding personal sessions with biotechnology and life sciences executives for an exclusive look at clinical trials mobile technology. Parallel 6 senior executive, George Evashko will be attending and serves as the main point of contact for things Biocom.

We are excited to share Clinical 6™, an enterprise technology engineered to qualify, enroll, engage and retain clinical trial participants through the palm of their hand. Parallel 6 is also a sponsor of the evening Gala Networking Reception on Wednesday, February 25th. We hope to see you there!

Biocom’s Global Life Science Partnering Conference takes place from February 25-26 at the gorgeous Lodge at Torrey Pines. George Evashko, Director of Business Development, is Parallel 6’s main point of contact for all things BIOCOM (responsible for our membership and personally part of all committees).

Participate in the conversation on social media. Follow us on Twitter @Parallel6 and use the hashtag #BiocomPartnering to post photos and updates.

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