Reporting Real Time Events to Understand Adverse Events Sooner

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Written By: Kamei Triebell

With more clinical trials involving evaluations of new drugs or vaccines, monitoring for early detection of adverse events is essential. Advances in technology have enhanced data capture capabilities, making more timely and accurate information available to drug developers. Through the use of electronic data capture and enterprise mobile technologies, potential adverse events can be understood faster. If there are adverse effects emerging, the company that sponsors the trial will be able to use this information to look at biomarkers faster and take the necessary actions to prevent them.

Mobile health technology is creating a more efficient clinical trial through the use of reporting real-time data to understand adverse events sooner. Issues that once required an office visit to collect data can now be handled by mobile devices, applications, and wearable technology. The data reported will be in real-time, which means not only more accurate results, but also improved, more individual care for patients and a better insight into preventing potential problems. For example, consider a patient with congestive heart failure enrolled in a trial for a new drug going to market. With mobile health monitoring this patient can be closely monitored for health changes that require attention. Weight, blood pressure, and daily habits can be monitored all in real-time. If physicians begin to notice that the drug is interfering with the patient’s ability to participate in normal daily functions, they will be able to report this information sooner.

Here at Parallel 6, we are passionate about improving clinical trials. The mobile technology platform, Clinical Reach, is transforming the way trials are being conducted today. Through the use of the patient’s mobile device, the clinical team will still be able to analyze data in a remote setting. If you would like to learn more about Parallel 6’s enterprise mobile technology platform, Clinical Reach, please visit our website and request a demo.

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