Social Media Listening’s Value To Your Digital Recruitment Strategy

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Patients of all ages and illnesses are finding solace in online support groups. Almost anyone can participate in these virtual communities and benefit from the unique environments of empathy and trust created within social media channels. Personal experiences and thoughts are shared through digital conversation and can be filtered through clinical trial management systems, providing access to the most qualified candidates.

Once a CRO inevitably adopts a digital recruitment strategy, there is a sudden overflow of information that was previously inaccessible through traditional recruitment methods. There are discussion boards and forums, blogs with heavy traffic and comments, and other social media channels where patients are sharing details on their medical conditions.

Patients and their loved ones are exposing their illnesses to digital communities and in doing so, they are inadvertently advertising themselves as candidates for clinical trials. With social media listening, the CRO is able to find, reach, and influence potential candidates.

Filtering the Conversation

With social media listening, CROs are able to measure and learn:

  • The types of content candidates are responding to
  • Which content provides the most value
  • Areas where lack of clinical trial awareness is present
  • Concerns that the target demographic has or why they may be hesitant to qualify
  • What candidates are saying about the medical condition in general

Controlling the Conversation

Social media listening allows CROs to utilize the information that is shared through the digital conversation of qualified patients. CROs are able to:

  • Spot what is being discussed and reply immediately
  • Create and curate more relevant and valuable content for ideal candidates
  • Decide which social media channels are worth advertising spend

Social media is able to connect and engage people from all over the world who share the same illness, while an effective clinical trial management system listens to the conversations. The amount of easily accessible data can be overwhelming, but given the right tools, a digitalized clinical trial management system can surpass the results of traditional recruitment methods.

Through our clinical trial management platform, Clinical Reach, our technology and digital strategists can guide your clinical trial to the best practices of recruitment and retention.

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