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Captive Reach - A Mobile Engagement Management Platform That Makes Designing, Developing, Launching & Managing a New App or Adding Functionality to an Existing App Easy

Powerful Suite of Pre-Built Modules Save Build Time & Budget



Mobile Engagement Easily Deployed &  Managed with Captive Reach

Building the perfect app for your business from scratch or adding functionality to your existing app can be a long & expensive process.  Captive Reach saves time & money.  Captive Reach provides every function you will ever need in mobile engagement, all in one platform.


With the Right Mobile Strategy, Technology & Execution, You Can Forecast User Engagement & Results.

If you are excited about the prospect of mobile marketing and want an app, but not sure how it would be rolled out, managed, marketed, etc., we can help.  We are happy to sit down with every client and think through the entire process from app design, development, post-app launch marketing, post-app launch management to results tracking.  We want to ensure your organization will see value in the deployment of a mobile app and leverage the platform to it’s fullest potential.

Mobile Engagement  Solution Your Users & Team Will Love

Captive Reach is the most user friendly mobile engagement platform to date.  Content is easily uploaded and configured, users targeted, analytics pulled for reporting purposes and more.  For the user, the power of Captive Reach allows for seamless user experiences across all mobile devices with all the features they are seeking in the market.


The Enterprise Power of Captive Reach

We built it, tested & deployed.  And we never stopped improving.  Over the years, our customers & innovations in the market helped shape the platform so you don’t have to invest in building functions or improving app usability.  Captive Reach is updated with all the most cutting-edge technologies and functions in mobile.  From push technology to beacon integration, Captive Reach has it all.

Robust Analytics Give You the Insight You Need to Measure Mobile ROI

The most advanced mobile analytics suite for a mobile platform lives in Captive Reach.  Never miss an opportunity or wonder how your app is driving engagement or revenue for your brand


The first step to determining how Captive Reach can be used powerfully for your business, the build or integration time & costs is to submit an inquiry or call.  We are happy to take the time to think through possibilities with you 24/7.

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Captive Reach Data Base & Reach Link Integration



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