A New Paradigm for Digital Pharma: The Digital KOL

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In a recent blog post by David Lee Scher, M.D. a new paradigm for digital pharma is presented. Dr. Scher addresses the importance of connecting patients and providers by a digital format such as mobile devices. It is through the integration of digital formats that educational and engagement tools will integrate into the daily lives of patients, allowing healthcare providers a solution to retain patients for clinical trials.

Dr. Scher continues with emphasis on allowing patients to utilize digital engagement tools in order to educate, self-medicate and relay health results to their physician. This not only allows data capture, but shifts the landscape from physician focused to patient focused. Scher says, “The delivery (‘prescribing’) of digital tools to patients can take place with results monitored by both providers and industry.  KOLs in this space are needed in this critical time of creating awareness not just of products, but of ways in which digital interactions between industry and providers will take place. Scientific liaisons, sales and technical support personnel will still be critical players in the process, but the means of interactions will evolve. Clinical trials are moving into the mobile technology arena (see Parallel 6). Physician KOLs need to help pave the way for this new model as well.”

As an industry thought leader for life sciences, Dr. Scher plays a critical role on the Scientific Advisory Board for Parallel 6 and continues to provide insight into the changing paradigm for digital pharma. The digital formats that he refers to can be seen in Parallel 6’s mobile engagement solution, Clinical Reach. Clinical Reach is a digital solution that integrates into every phase of a clinical trial. It is a marketing, educational, engagement and data retention tool that is changing the traditional methods for running a clinical trial. The digital shift in life sciences is further supported by Dr. Scher when he says, “The need to connect with both patients and providers via digital formats and via mobile devices has been dictated by the successful penetration of these types of marketing, educational, and engagement tools in other aspects of our daily lives. Healthcare providers expect this evolution in the workplace as well.”

Aside from symptom relief, what would you find beneficial for using a mobile device for a clinical trial? We’re happy to fill in the gaps and explain the many uses for Clinical Reach and how it’s already benefiting our customers in the clinical trial space. To learn more or to request a demo, contact Daniel Calvert at dcalvert@parallel6.com. For read Dr Scher’s entire blog post, “A New Paradigm for Digital Pharma: The Digital KOL” click here. 

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