4 Benefits to Running A Remote Clinical Trial

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As we celebrate International Clinical Trials Day, we reflect on how far the industry has advanced in recent years. The largest advancements can be seen in the integration of mobile technology. While the technology for running a clinical trial via mobile is now available, CROs are still hesitant and testing the waters. There are plenty of advantages that are already being seen and there are many more that will appear over time. One advantage that CROs are already taking notice of and find appealing is the ability to conduct a remote clinical trial. We’ve compiled our top 5 benefits for conducting a remote clinical trial and how the changing landscape will affect the industry.

  1. Convenience

One clinical trial can last for many years. Throughout that time, it’s important that the physician monitor and check in with the patient. A large majority of those check ins, however, can be avoided by utilizing a mobile app. The convenience for the patient keeps them happy and more likely to continue to participate in the trial.

  1. Patient Focused

The patient is the most important aspect of the clinical trial. Hosting a remote clinical trial caters to the patient’s needs. Further, utilizing a mobile app to conduct a trial allows the physician to use various forms of engagement, whether it be through push notifications, offering incentives via gamification, or supplying them with an E-diary. All of these mobile app features keep the patient educated and connected to the trial. They’re also showing the patient a vested interest in their well being. This patient-focused approach will keep engagement high and have a positive impact on retention.

  1. Cost Savings

Each time that a patient has to go to a study site for a check in requires money spent on staff and physicians. There is also a travel cost involved for getting the patient to the site. Over the duration of the trial, that money adds up to millions of dollars spent.

  1. Data Capture

While pen and paper are an odd concept to younger generations, it’s still widely used in the medical industry for recording notes and collecting data on patients. The issue with these methods is that it sucks up a lot of time, it makes the data harder to share, and it has the unfortunate potential to get lost. The ability to capture insights on clients in real time through a mobile app allows physicians to collaborate and respond to adverse events sooner.


At Parallel 6, we’re excited to see how remote clinical trials will continue to benefit the life sciences industry, especially through the use of our clinical trial management platform, Clinical Reach. For more benefits to running a remote clinical trial, contact us.

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