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How Mobile Health Technology Will Enhance Patient Education

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A report issued by CenterWatch, a clinical trial specialty organization, showed that over 70% of all trials nationwide have difficulty recruiting patients. However, one of the major problems facing clinical trials is that patients are often unaware of the possibility of enrolling in a trial. For instance, according to The Prostate Net, more than 85% of patients did not know …

Q&A with Parallel 6 Senior Medical Advisor David Lee Scher, M.D.

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Written By: Liz Rogers Mobile health technology is a quickly expanding field. At Parallel 6, we’re passionate about utilizing mHealth to revolutionize the life sciences industry. I sat down with our Senior Medical Advisor, David Lee Scher, M.D., to discuss new innovations in the mobile health technology field, including digital leaders, patient care through social media, and new possibilities through eConsent. …